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15th-Feb-2015 03:10 pm - update
toma hanakimi gay
Wow, it's been a while since I came back to live journal. many things has changed. I think it's more neat which I like.
15th-Jun-2013 01:10 pm - School
toma hanakimi gay
My life is nothing without school. Here I am, still in school in summer, BUT this coming fall full year maybe my last! Here's hoping!
22nd-Jun-2012 12:53 am - New Laptop
toma hanakimi gay
Well, it has been 5 years since I won my laptop from a university that I ended up not going to. It was a great thing as I didn't have the money for it. Though in the end, i didn't use it much and it just got old quick. I have bought myself my first Apple product! I got myself a macbook pro!!!
4th-Dec-2011 09:43 pm - School is my life
toma hanakimi gay
Well, hello world!

I hope you are doing well. I am currently working hard at school, trying hard to do well, but it seems like I won't be making a good GPA this term nor for the next. I am just hoping to just graduate. Now I will have to find an internship in the industry which is going to be hard to find because I don't have connections =(
I need the internship to graduate.
25th-Jun-2011 03:28 pm - insomnia
toma hanakimi gay
Well, this is really getting to me. For the past few days, I had to wake up early for an internship, but I still go to bed so late. It's really hitting hard now with me being on the computer trying no to sleep.
26th-Nov-2010 01:55 pm(no subject)
toma hanakimi gay
It's close to the end of the semester and well, it was one busy time! One after another projects due keeping me on my toes. It can be said that this will ruin my future in getting a masters though. Sucks.
17th-May-2010 05:40 pm - University life 4th year
toma hanakimi gay
Well, I'm going into my forth year of university life and man, it's already getting stressful. Right now, I am involved with a club which I am the president of! [Woot for all that would look for in my resume] That club is getting to me so stressful! I have to keep up with my current situation. I'm hoping to not be dragged down and start to not be on top of things.

Another thing is that I am also doing a summer internet course as well. Lots of reading! That's starting to drag... bleh
4th-May-2010 05:37 pm - life at the moment
toma hanakimi gay
Well, it could have been a good day, BUT! I forgot my agenda in which I need to schedule my month in May AND my USB flashdrive to bring home work I had to do AND line papers to write on! The only good thing was that I watched my drama. hehe
1st-Apr-2010 01:37 pm - Weather
toma hanakimi gay
Well, having good weather when you still have to do your Essays and Studying for Exams for most of us University Students... it can SUCK! Good thing I have one last test today and then 2 more essays and I'll be free until June where I start my summer internet course...if I get in to the course that is.
21st-Dec-2009 05:09 pm - end of first semester, but no break
toma hanakimi gay
It's not a great holiday vacation for me. I actually have to start more work now than ever. My first week back to school, I got a 5-6 Page book report with outside resources needed to be done, a presentation on Mulan the second week back with a follow up report of 5-6 pages and an outline for my 20 pages research essay which I'm not sure what I want to do. AND I only have like 2 weeks to finish it for two fo the threee due in Jan. What a great end and start of a year.
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